Reader letter: Excessive noise from planes is too much

Letter to the editor from David Williams, Gladstone:

I WISH to complain about the insane, excessive noise from air traffic over Kin Kora and adjacent suburbia in Gladstone over the past number of months, and more broadly over the past few years.

I have contacted the airport CEO in the past about the social license to operate provisions of the airport corporation, but obviously there appears to be little or no regard for residents.

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Typically a jet just flew over at 10pm tonight. I mean, are there no curfew considerations for long suffering residents who have put up with relentless jets tearing over our roof lines day and night for the past few years?

The helicopter noise is also totally out of control. Can't they be instructed to take off and land from the western part of the airport, NOT over our houses?

And whilst on the matter of flight paths, why can't the excessively noisy and obviously dated jets take off and land from the same area instead of over our houses?

It is an absolute disgrace and would not be tolerated in more populated cities.

In summary, I am requesting these insane late night flights be stopped immediately in keeping with the understanding of social responsibility the airport is obviously ignoring, and changing the insane and incessant helicopter flights over our houses in Kin Kora and adjacent suburbs.

It is a demonstrated complete lack of any regard for the ratepayers being forced to pay your wages, so do something about it now.

Fix this disgusting invasion of our privacy and exposure to unacceptable noise levels around the clock.

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