Reader letter: Digital TV retune a big turn-off

Reader letter from Julie Davies, of Coowonga

I LIVE in a marginal area for digital TV reception, but I've always been able to get most channels.

After the frequency was changed on some channels, I still had the other HD channels until I retuned as advised.

Now I have nothing, except the Ten suite with a signal strength of seven, but signal quality of only one, so no video.

Judging from what I've seen on Facebook, lots of other people in the Cawarral/ Coowonga area are experiencing the same problem, after doing all the right things as advised.

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Naturally, my next step was to phone the call centre. The man who answered must have been in training to run for Parliament.

He said: "At the end of the day (argggh!), your area isn't set up to get digital, so if you can't get it now there's nothing we can do."

When I pointed out the frequency of a few channels was the only thing supposed to change, the tower didn't suddenly move location, plus I'd retuned before to get new channels with no problem, he just repeated his mantra, which is essentially "who cares about you bushies".

He refused to pass our complaints up the line, or put me onto a supervisor or even query whether something hadn't been done properly in the change.

There is a problem that they initiated for those of us in marginal areas who could previously get some sort of decent reception and nobody wants to know.

Perhaps it's time to remind the Federal Government that Michelle Landry may have won with a good margin but this is a traditionally Labor electorate, and they can't take us for granted like most of their regional electorates.

How many more people can they afford to annoy?

And before everyone texts in tuning advice, I'm no technopeasant - I've always installed my own TVs, DVDs and new computers.

I've got a new aerial. I've tried everything that's worked before, including auto-retune and manual retune.

I've switched off at the wall and rebooted the whole system.

If only we could switch off the government and reboot them as well.

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