Rates, roads and rubbish: Lynette Dahl

WE asked each candidates their views on the key roles of a council.

The answers have been published in the paper over the past few weeks, but below are Lynette Dahl's un-edited answers. 

What do you think about the current state of the following council issues/services? 


Rates have and will always been the cornerstone of a Council's income.  

I believe there needs to be a review of Rates in the Region.  I acknowledge that a Rates review will impact on the Council's income and this is where the Council will be responsible for implementing a more efficient business model and bear more pressure on the CEO and CFO to follow through on efficiencies.

These efficiencies should not be at the expense of the Council Workers but to the detriment of frivolous spending.

These efficiencies may mean not everyone will get what they want from the Council at the time they want it but they will be important in enabling more people to remain in the region.


I believe that Waste service issues vary within the Region. 

would like to see an optional service of a Green Waste bin provided in the areas that currently have a rubbish bin

Lynette Dahl, councillor candidate 2016
Lynette Dahl, councillor candidate 2016

service.  Council policy is to not dispose of green waste into the current wheelie bins provided. 

Although disposal of green waste at any refuse station is free to a car/ute/single axle trailer not all residents have access to these and the option of a third wheelie bin for green waste is a good solution. 

Note I said option, this should not be a mandatory service for those that already have the ability to control their own green waste but an optional service that can be implemented as interest in an area makes it viable.


I believe the Council has not prioritised well when it comes to road maintenance. 

The question is often heard "Why on earth did they work on that road?"  I believe a lot of people have given up lobbying for road improvements in their area due to an ongoing lack of response. 

We need to get the GRC back out to the people and give the local residents the opportunity to discuss face to face the issues of the roads in their area.  I believe the Council needs to lobby harder with the State Government regarding State roads in the area. 

Given the large asset our Region is to the State Government we need to lobby harder for the State Government to lift their game on the State owned roads that are in such a bad condition around the area.

Can you describe the role of a councillor?   

The fundamental role as a councillor is to serve and represent the interests of our community as a whole. This involves making local laws and determining policy at a strategic level. 

The Councillors and Mayor determine and set the overall direction of the Council. 

But a Councillor can and should be so much more than this.  I believe a Councillor is the person who engenders a belief in residents that they are being heard and valued.  In order to truly represent the interests of the community a Councillor must work amongst the community and be available and responsive to the whole Region. 

We need to bring the Council to the people, not the other way around.  Represent the WHOLE community, not just those with easy access to Council

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