Rates, roads and rubbish: Kahn Goodluck

WE asked each candidates their views on the key roles of a council.

The answers have been published in the paper over the past few weeks, but below are Kahn Goodluck's un-edited answers. 

What do you think about the current state of the following council issues/services? 


Rates are skyrocketing along with the cost of living in our society.

Families are finding it harder to make ends meet. 

Kahn Goodluck
Kahn Goodluck

We need a council that can make cost effective decisions, reduce spending and borrowing and lobby State and Federal Government's for funding to reduce the pressure on our community.

If I am elected I will work closely with the Councillors and the Mayor to make sure we can tighten the budget with minimal effect on the local community because I believe there are savings that can be made.


I think our rubbish services are OK in suburban areas.

There are those people in the outer regions that don't have access to regular rubbish collection.

This is an issue that we should look at and hopefully come up with a cost effective solution. 


I know the largest percentage in our current council's budget is infrastructure which includes roads. I think we can always do better, and need to engage with the community more to understand which roads the community wants repaired and upgraded. 

Can you describe the role of a councillor? 

The role of a councillor is to be the voice for the community. The most important thing is to consult and engage with people in that community, put forward their concerns and to always do your best to get the results the community wants.  

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