Rates, roads and rubbish: Glenn Churchill

WE asked each candidates their views on the key roles of a council.

The answers have been published in the paper over the past few weeks, but below are Glenn Churchill's un-edited answers. 

What do you think about the current state of the following council issues/services? 

Rates and rubbish

The people I talk to recognise that Council has to charge rates and provide waste management services. However, there appears to be a "Mood for Change" across the Region. If elected as a Councillor, I would be challenging Council to listen to their ratepayers.

Demand that it not only search hard for efficiencies, but also commit to a full rate review. This would include an improved valuation methodology and ease the pressure options with capping and the like.

The review would evaluate how ratepayers' money should be more effectively used. 

Glenn Churchill, councillor candidate 2016
Glenn Churchill, councillor candidate 2016

Expenditure on critical local roads, bridges, waste management, projects, programs and services and vital infrastructure need to meet the shared priorities of urban and rural communities.   

The experience I can bring to the table will allow Council to negotiate strongly with the State & Federal Governments as well as working in partnership with major industries to get what our local communities deserve.

Better funding from other sources and improved local commercial returns will ease the 'rate in the dollar' for locals of the Gladstone Region.  

I have a proven track record in successfully lobbying for increased funding and delivering on multimillion-dollar roads, bridges and community waste infrastructure and facilities.  

Roads and the role of a councillor

Local and regional roads are arteries of life and economic progress for our communities and Region.

Good, well maintained, safe and improved roads, bridges, bikeways and footpaths are paramount and essential for the safety and wellbeing of so many people every day.

Flooding of access roads is a major concern for all residents, and must be a top priority for the future of infrastructure development.

From school children, residents, visitors, workers, farmers, small business, industry, pedestrians, bike riders and the list goes on, Councils core business is to deliver safe and effective results for its residents.

Local Government has changed over time; it has grown into a major corporate operation of such diverse business affairs. Similarly, the principle role of a councillor has also changed over time; they must still listen to the people they represent whilst having an ever increasing business and community expertise.

Gladstone Region deserves to have a Council who is committed to strong leadership, a vision that represents the best interests of residents and businesses, backed with sound financial business decisions.

I am committed to increasing the quality of life in our Region. As your elected representative, I will be strongly advocating for improved roads and greater business acumen / funding advocacy to Mayor and Councillors.

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