Rates, roads and rubbish: Cindi Bush

WE asked each candidate their views on the key roles of a council.

The answers have been published in the paper over the past few weeks, but below are Cindi Bush's un-edited answers. 

What do you think about the current state of the following council issues/services;


Current charges for services, upkeep, infrastructure are concerning everyone from industry, business, investors and residents.

Getting the balance right to cover our costs and also provide community enhancements is a top priority.  Burdensome and under performing assets are draining funds.  

High charges are proving detrimental to small business, the entity that traditionally picked up the slack following a

Cindi Bush, councillor candidate 2016
Cindi Bush, councillor candidate 2016


Reducing charges will be a short term loss with a long term gain.

Positive local economy stimuli produce more businesses, jobs, apprenticeships but most of all, confidence.


Generally, rubbish services are good however there is always room for improvement.  

The great bin debate for the 1770 boat ramp seems nonsensical. An example of an opportunity to brainstorm with locals to reach a mutually agreeable outcome. The costs of clearing illegally dumped rubbish is significant and this contributes to overall costs.

That is something we as a community can remedy by doing the right thing.  I would also like to explore how we can profit from our rubbish by discussing with industry the ways of creating synergy industries through recycling.  


Roads score a B on my report card. There have been many instances of 'change of plan' which escalates costs and inconvenience and areas that seem to be requiring constant maintenence.

Timings on traffic lights at Glenlyon/Breslin and Philip/Dawson need to be corrected as this is causing backlogs that we didn't have before.  Rural roads continue to pose continual problems for locals.  There also needs stronger lobbying of higher governments for upgrades to regional areas. 

Can you describe the role of a councillor?

The role of councillor is to make certain that the community has been best represented through advocacy , communication, decision making, ensuring that ethical, lawful and democratic processes have been upheld.  

It is a role of representation of all social and community groups to ensure inclusivity. Be part of a team!  

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