Rapist 'could still be threat to women' despite wheelchair

An injured rapist on a supervision order needs special housing.
An injured rapist on a supervision order needs special housing. allanswart

A SERIAL rapist seriously injured after a victim fought back, needs help with his cleaning and grocery shopping but a court has heard he could still be a threat to women.

Philip Arthur Gilchrist breached his supervision order by accessing pornography, and was in Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday as authorities tried figuring out what to do with him.

Even though reliant on a wheelchair, one psychiatrist believed Gilchrist was still a risk to women.

Gilchrist could offend against "a female in an isolated situation”, especially if armed with a knife or other weapon, the psychiatrist said on Monday.

The sex offender attacked two Gladstone women in the 1980s, one in a toilet block and another in her home.

And in a 1997 incident, he scaled a drainpipe and broke into a woman's unit armed with a knife.

But she attacked him with a dumb-bell. He fell out a window onto a car parked below, injuring his back and leg.

"The question is, where does this man go?” Justice Glenn Martin asked at a hearing on Monday.

The court heard Queensland Correctional Services was not equipped to handle Gilchrist's needs on a daily basis.

The rapist was on a Housing Department waiting list, but no suitable accommodation there was currently available.

And no supported accommodation service providers were willing to take him on.

Gilchrist needed help with grocery shopping and getting to appointments, the court also heard.

He would either have to wheel himself about or have someone pick him up.

One psychiatrist said Gilchrist had "difficulty now with negotiating rough roads”.

For now, Gilchrist is staying in a correctional precinct.

He was the subject of a continuing detention order made in 2010.

In 2012, he was released on a 10-year supervision order.

One of his conditions was not to access porn without permission.

The fact he downloaded porn anyway showed he was not only interested but even "preoccupied” with sex, a psychiatrist told the court.

"It's an indication that the risk in regards to his sexual drives still exists.”

Justice Glenn Martin said if Gilchrist was not accommodated outside the prison precinct by February 5, the matter would be reviewed in court later that month.


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