THE state's peak motoring body, the RACQ, has released a Youtube video urging motorists and cyclists to share the road safely and to make courtesy a top priority.

The RACQ TV episode entitled Sharing the road with cyclists followed research RACQ conducted with its members that found both motorists and cyclists were guilty of behaving discourteously.

RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy, Steve Spalding, said the research revealed that members who cycled regularly experienced motorists tailgating, passing too closely and honking the horn.

"Cyclists were also found to behave discourteously or illegally - for example not keeping to the left, pulling out in front of and cutting off drivers and riding three or more abreast when not overtaking," Mr Spalding said.

"Alarmingly, our research found that many motorists are not aware of the road rules applying to cyclists.

"With statistics showing that on average one cyclist is hospitalised following a crash every day in Queensland, we can all benefit from refreshing our road rule knowledge and making an effort to be patient and courteous on the road - whether we're cyclists or motorists."

Mr Spalding said motorists should remember to:

  • Allow cyclists at least one metre when overtaking
  • Give way to cyclists when exiting side streets and driveways
  • Look out for cyclists before turning or changing lanes so as not to cut them off.


"Cyclists can help protect themselves and other road users by behaving predictably and trying to be as visible as possible - wearing bright clothing and using lights at night," he said.

Mr Spalding said cyclists should remember to:

  • Ride no more than two abreast unless overtaking
  • Keep a safe distance from cars
  • Stay as far left as practicable.

"Common courtesy is also the key to ensuring that all road users share our roads in the safest and most efficient way possible," Mr Spalding said.

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Welcome to The Observer's new-look website

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