Club at centre of racism claim launches investigation

UPDATE: Managers of a junior football club embroiled in an alleged racism scandal have taken to social media responding to the weekend incident.

Dalby Junior Rugby League president Brett Hunter, in a statement on the Dalby Devils Facebook page, confirmed the club was investigating an off-field incident following an on-field incident during the Toowoomba Valleys Under-16s game at the weekend.

"This investigation has been under way since early Sunday morning following information received from Devils supporters," the statement said.

"It centres on an allegation of a derogatory comment or comments from a spectator/s of this game and the actions of other persons thereafter."

Mr Hunter said the alleged comments made by the spectators did not reflect the "wider Dalby Devils community nor the management of the club".

He said it was unfortunate that all junior rugby league clubs "is likely to have a small element of persons who will not behave properly".

"Inappropriate behaviour by any persons at Dalby Junior Rugby League games will be investigated and appropriate action taken within the guidelines and policy of junior rugby league," he said in the statement.

He said the club would not make any further comment until the investigation into the alleged incident was finished.

A previous report in the Chronicle incorrectly identified the team as the Dalby Diehards.

The team is the Dalby Devils.

MONDAY: A Toowoomba mother who says her son was racially vilified during a weekend football match has taken to social media in a public stance against the abuse.

Toowoomba Junior Rugby League Association is investigating after an on-field dispute spiralled into an off-field brawl during a Toowoomba Valleys and Dalby Devils game on Saturday night.

Stacey Colil Jordy says her 16-year-old son Coen was left "in tears" after an on-field incident spiralled into racial abuse from spectators at a Dalby match.

Ms Jordy said her son, a Valleys player, retaliated to being punched in a tackle by "pushing the opposition player".

That sparked an all-in brawl between the two teams which then descended into name calling on the part of "30 to 40 drunks sitting on the landing ranting in a mob attack calling my son a black dog" and other profanities, she said.

"My son is a victim of racial abuse and an act that you wouldn't think could possibly happen this day and age," Ms Jordy's post on social media read.

"He was in tears and the incident has had a psychological effect on him."

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TJRL president Dan Aldons said the incident was being investigated and he had requested more information.

He said the TJRL was aware of an on-field fight resulted in a number of players being sin-binned which prompted a disturbance in the crowd.

"There was a bit of push and shove in the game and then a melee erupted out of that," Mr Aldons said.

"The referees sin-binned some players from that and they have been dealt with through the judiciary.

"I have been made aware there was some disturbance in the crowd after the game and I am waiting on reports from Dalby with regards to what exactly happened."

Mr Aldons said he had not been made aware of any specific racial taunts but warned the TJRL did not tolerate any suggestion of racial vilification towards players or spectators.

"If that has occurred, we will be dealing with it in the appropriate manner," he said.

"I would be very disappointed if people did make comments of that nature (and) it would be deeply disappointing if people are using racial tones."

He said racial abuse had no place in any sport and the TJRL would investigate the weekend incident.

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