CELEBRATE: Aileen Weeden and Chris Saunders are looking forward to Monday night.
CELEBRATE: Aileen Weeden and Chris Saunders are looking forward to Monday night. Julia Bartrim

Quota Club members to gather for a special birthday

ACCORDING to Aileen Weeden, "we've got a wonderful team of ladies who all buck in and help”.

She's talking about her fellow Quota Club members, including her good friend Chris Saunders, former district governor for the club.

The Quota Club has been going strong in Gladstone for 50 years and on Monday, November 20, members will gather at the Brass Bell Restaurant with former club members, including founding members, to celebrate this achievement.

They'll pack out the restaurant, and you can bet these ladies know how to have a good time.

Aileen, who has been president for two years explained what the club means to her. "Help when you need it, it's always there,” she said.

"The morning my husband died the first two people at my door were this one, (she gestured at Chris) and another lady.

"And that's what they're like, they're just there to help whoever needs help.

"It's wonderful. You've only got to get on the phone and ring somebody and the help is there.”

Who wouldn't want that in their life? But the Quota Club, is struggling to attract younger members.

Chris says she understands that people are time-poor, but, club duties are not onerous, and you'd be welcomed into a community of women. "Anybody that's got that two to three hours for a good cup of coffee, or wine whatever they choose, (because we drink both), come and have a chat to us and we'll be pleased to see you,” she said.

Men are welcome too, although Chris and Aileen both agree, "they'd be very brave if they did (join)”.

The ladies are getting ready for their Christmas cent sale, at the Gladstone bowls club on December 9.

Although the event has been a traditional source of fundraising, Aileen said the club was looking to branch out.

They club used to hold the Quota Bride of the Year, where brides re-wore their dresses. "But we found it cost the ladies an arm and a leg to do the make-up. We might revamp that though,” she said.

The club raises funds for local charities, disadvantaged women and children, the hearing impaired and students. Amidst all that they form strong bonds and contribute to a sense of community.

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Free birthday pizzas at Pizza Hut

Free birthday pizzas at Pizza Hut

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