Quoin Is an undiscovered jewel home to recovering turtles

WE LIVE in paradise, don't we?

Where else in the world can you wake up in these temperatures with an amazing backdrop of water and mountains, dolphins, wildlife, industry and more all in the space of Clive Palmer's bathroom?

I mean really, Gladstone and surrounds is just perfect.

One more item to throw on the reasons why list is Quoin Island. If you haven't been for a while or never taken the 15-minute boat ride over, ask yourself, why not?

I went over on the weekend for their fundraiser Under the Sea Gala, which was helping the turtle rehabilitation centre on the island.

The night was a sold-out event supported by many eager people willing to help this great cause.

Guests dressed up as mermaids, sponges and jellyfish for this gala event poolside in one of the most beautiful places on this earth.

I don't say this lightly as I've done a little travelling in my time. Quoin Island is up there with Hamilton, Heron, Lady Musgrave and Green islands just because of its natural beauty.

Many dollars were raised on the night to fund the support and rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles from our waterways.

I was lucky enough to be able to feed a few of them in their special tank homes.

I was talking to Bob McCosker while we were feeding the wallabies on the Sunday morning and I asked him why he had been living on the island for the last four years and commuting to the mainland for work.

His answer was simple: "just look at that view". I had to agree.

You could be anywhere in the world on the island, the traffic isn't there, the noise isn't there; it's peaceful, restful and has some of the loveliest fauna you could see.

Straight after that a lorikeet pooed on my head but we won't worry about that right now, I'm sure it was a good luck charm.

When you do go over to Quoin Island for a night or more, take a walk over the whole island and explore.

The history of the place, including the hut built in 1961, is amazing.

Take your swimmers, sunscreen and relaxed mind with you and I guarantee you will come back a better person after seeing what they do there.

Leave your mobiles and laptops at home and chill.

God knows you want to.

Oh and by the way that wasn't me in the pool at 3am, promise, scout's honour!

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