Queenslanders to be better trained for real jobs

THE State Government claims Queenslanders will be better trained for real jobs as a result of its new Vocational Education and Training plan.

Key elements of the plan include investing $225 million towards the training of apprentices and trainees in a bid to create an extra 10,000 apprenticeship positions.

Other aspects of the plan include invest $155 million to support Queenslanders without a formal qualification to achieve their first post-school certificate III level qualification which is considered entry-level for employment in most industry sectors.

Education, Training and Employment Minister John-Paul Langbroek said on Monday the $615 million investing over the next year aimed to address skills shortages and boost productivity.

"The Queensland Government has an ambitious program of reform to revitalise the VET sector," he said.

"The annual VET Investment Plan is crucial to that.

"It lays the foundation for a sustainable and responsive sector, to ensure that Queensland's economy is supported by a first class training system."

Mr Langbroek said industry and employers would also have the opportunity to partner with government on training solutions to address their workforce needs in priority areas through a $10 million Industry Partnerships Strategy.

"Our pre-qualified supplier network will lead to greater choice for individuals and employers and foster greater innovation and competition in the training market in Queensland," he said.

"These programs will help achieve our government's aim of economic and social prosperity for all Queenslanders, by boosting productivity, increasing the number of people in the workforce and minimising skills shortage."

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