Queensland Greens field candidates in all 89 seats

THE Queensland Greens will field a candidate in all 89 seats at the January 31 election, urging voters upset with Campbell Newman to register a protest against destructive development.

Greens lead spokesperson Dr. Charles Worringham said that the LNP's determination to wreak havoc on the environment in the name of 'development' meant every Queenslander needed the opportunity to be able to register their protest.

"The fact is, it is not necessary to make a choice between a strong economy and a protected environment - the two can co-exist very well," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Renewable energy and environmental tourism are capable of creating more long-term jobs than tearing resources out of the ground and dumping the waste back on the land or in the sea.

"We're calling for cheaper, more frequent public transport and promoting a healthy, diverse economy for Queensland that is bigger than just coal mining and casinos.

"If, as is highly likely, the LNP gets three more years to pursue its 'development at all costs' program, Queensland will need a green voice in Parliament like never before.

"Working outside Parliament Green groups have stopped the dumping of toxic waste on the Great Barrier Reef and have shone a spotlight on the dangers of Coal Seam Gas fracking and rampant use of coal for energy.

"This year Queenslanders have a historic opportunity to make their Green vote really count towards keeping Queensland - and the LNP - clean."


More than 400 candidates are expected to contest the Queensland election.

Nominations have closed and the ballot draw was being carried out today.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Queensland has released the full list of polling booths.

You can find them here



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