QLD weather: More heat records tumble despite cool change

QUEENSLANDERS who have been feeling hot this summer have had good reason to.

Several locations around the state have broken the record for most consecutive days above 30C.

If today's predicted forecast of 30C for Brisbane proves correct, it will be the city's 27th straight day of 30C+ temperatures.

The previous record for Brisbane was set at 19 days back in 2002.

Archerfield (25 days), Seventeen Seventy (29 days), Rainbow Beach (23 days) and Coolangatta (16 days) have also broken records.

However, spare a thought for Texas residents, on the state border south of Dalby, who have endured 71 days of summer days above 30C.

Their previous run of hot days lasted just 47 days in 2014.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a top of 30C in Brisbane, 34C in Rockhampton and 40C in Birdsville today.

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