New advertising blitz to attract Brisbanites to Ipswich

BRISBANE residents are being urged to discover Ipswich in a new advertising blitz.

The city council has started a two-week push to attract more people to the region with a campaign across print, radio, billboards and social media.

Ipswich City Council tourism committee chairman Cr David Pahlke said the promotion was not cashing in on the drop in petrol prices.

"This campaign is a strategic part of Ipswich City Council's Destination Marketing Program for 2014-15 and is not a response to the falling fuel prices," Cr Pahlke said.

"The domestic market is a key market for Queensland and Ipswich but we do not expect current fuel prices to strongly influence tourism numbers in the city.

"Our tourism numbers are not just based on this factor, but are driven by a number of considerations such as an increased awareness of Ipswich as a destination and also the number of people visiting friends and family in the area as this represents one of the biggest segments of our tourism market."

One the state's leading experts on tourism said the region should cash in on the benefits flowing from the global oil battle between the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, its key member and ferocious oil producer Saudi Arabia, the US and Russia.

Tourism author and University of Queensland School of Tourism head Brent Ritchie said Australian tourism markets were ripe for the picking as long as the prices at the pump were falling.

"In terms of domestic tourism, the drive market is pretty significant," Associate Professor Ritchie said.

However, he said Ipswich was hitting all the right notes in terms of tourism.

"Ipswich has got some unique cultural heritage," Prof Ritchie said. "It's also got a good events calendar which is attracting visitors.

"So it's doing the right things."

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