Puppies and dogs for sale

Shadow needs a home.
Shadow needs a home.

JUDY Whicker reckons she's got more dogs than she can handle.

Ms Whicker, from Friends of RSPCA Gladstone, is hoping the public will help her out by attending Dog Adoption Day tomorrow.

"We'll probably have around 40-45 dogs there, including puppies," Ms Whicker said.

"You name it, I think we have it."

The range of dogs and pups available for adoption varies from little staffies to shar peis to bull arabs.

"And we're picking up more today," she said.

"It's puppy season and we're asking for Gladstone's support."

It costs $300 to adopt a pup and $275 to adopt a dog older than six months.

All dogs are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

The day runs from 9am-noon tomorrow, at the adoption centre, which is opposite the NRG Power Plant.

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