Bashing accounts differ on day two of Gladstone trial

Thursday: IT WAS a classic case of he said, he said during a grievous bodily harm trial in Gladstone on Thursday.

Thomas Houra faces one count of grievous bodily in the Gladstone District Court.

On Wednesday, the court heard from Tom Procter, who claimed a broken jaw requiring expensive surgery was the fault of an uppercut punch delivered to his face by the defendant.

Mr Houra gave evidence, admitting a group of three, including Mr Procter, were out drinking on April 21, 2012.

This was the only area the defence and prosecution could agree on Thursday.

Mr Houra claimed Mr Procter drank an excessive amount of alcohol and "was drawing unnecessary attention" to the group at the Grand Hotel on Goondoon St.

He said the trio had parted ways when it became clear Mr Procter "was going to get us in some kind of trouble".

During Mr Procter's testimony, he claimed that after spilling a drink on the defendant, they had left the premises before the alleged bashing occurred.

The defendant denied that the drink spill splashed over him.

Mr Procter insisted that when he called the defendant a ***t, Mr Houra had chased him in a violent rage.

The defence claims the injury sustained by Procter had occurred later in the evening when the party of three had separated.

The trial continues on Friday.

Wednesday: A MAN'S jaw had to be rebuilt after an alleged assault, Gladstone District Court heard on Wednesday.

Victim Thomas Procter was left with 12 screws, three plates and $7000 of surgery after an alleged attack by Thomas Houra.

Mr Houra appeared in the Gladstone District Court on the first day of his trial yesterday to face one charge of grievous bodily harm.

Mr Procter was one of three witnesses who gave evidence on the first day of proceedings.

It is alleged that on April 21, 2012, Mr Procter spilled his bourbon on the defendant, which led to the alleged assault.

The court heard that a trio of male friends, including Mr Procter, began drinking about 4pm at Yaralla Sports Club before catching a taxi to the Grand Hotel in Gladstone.

It was after the consumption of 10 drinks that Mr Procter spilt his drink on the defendant.

Mr Procter was cross-examined by the defence on Wednesday.

He could not recall his movements, other than walking, between 10pm that night and 3am the following day.

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