Surfers and bodyboard riders making the most of the waves at Kawana on the weekend.

PUMPING: Coast riders make most of the waves

THERE was no shortage of thrills and spills  as Sunshine Coast surfers and bodyboarders made the most of the swell on the weekend.

Some of best waves could be found along the open stretches of the Coast, including at Kawana, where riders didn't have to wait long for the sets to come in.

But if you're looking to catch more of the action, you might have left your run too late.

Swellnet reported the surf had dropped off from yesterday though there were still a few little waves to be had.

The site recommended surfers try the open beaches for maximum wave size, including beaches further north like Sunshine Beach.

Among those carving up the waves were some of the best young riders at the Queensland Grommet Surfing Titles at Coolum.

While August is not usually known as a great time for a swim on the Sunshine Coast, there were plenty making the most of the clean conditions on the weekend.

Most surfers had wetsuits on but there were a few braving the conditions without them.

The water temperature is still about 21 degrees - pretty close to the outside temperature for most of the day.

Winds have been moderate south to south westerly, while the swell direction has been more south-easterly.