Cartoon about public housing.
Cartoon about public housing. Peter Broelman

Public housing shake-up

PUBLIC housing in Queensland is headed for a major shake-up, as the government considers putting its management up for tender.

The move would have an impact on the Gladstone 8 region, where government- operated public housing is under pressure to keep up with demand.

Minister for Housing Bruce Flegg confirmed the strategy was being seriously considered.

"The public housing system is becoming increasingly unsustainable," Mr Flegg said.

"With the assistance of the Public Sector Renewal Board, the Queensland Government is reviewing its role in service delivery across government with the aim of improving access to social housing to Queenslanders in need.

"While the government sees that the not-for-profit sector has a valuable role to play in developing, growing and managing social housing stock, no decisions have been made regarding the size or scope of any transfers of public housing stock (from the department) to the sector," he said.

Mr Flegg's response indicated a potential tender process would be aimed at not-for-profit organisations.

However, when asked to verify whether commercial operators would also be involved, he did not specify, other than saying "a range of reforms to address the growing pressure on Queensland's social housing system".

"Any efforts to explore alternative arrangements for managing public housing in the future would be open to tender," he said.


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