Psychic predicts expo success

Psychic Catherine Peters foresaw a grim future for Gladstone over the next few years.
Psychic Catherine Peters foresaw a grim future for Gladstone over the next few years. Chrissy Harris

THE public may recognise it from the “fantabulous” TV commercials but the Australian Psychic Expo has materialised in Gladstone this week.

Organisers predict it will be a successful event, following the expo's past lives.

“I have been running the expo for the past 15 years,” organiser Konnie Gold said.

“It is a lot more acceptable now. Originally we did have some opposition to it.”

Although she admitted that the event may be shrouded by scepticism from some people, it was mainly about helping those in need of answers.

“It really makes a difference to people,” she said.

“Sometimes people just need a bit of encouragement and we are able to tell them positive things.”

That seemed to be the general consensus from all the clairvoyants, who all said they had learnt of their gift at an early age.

Psychic Sanndra said she knew her family house was going to burn down.

“I was stupid, I should have said something, but I didn't,” she said.

As for the tarot cards and palm readings, she said it was a science that she had learned over time.

Clairvoyant Julie Haines said most people can become psychics, but there had to be a hidden talent there.

“Everyone can put their hands on a piano, but not everyone can play in an orchestra,” she said.

The Australian Psychic Expo is open at the Grand Hotel until next Monday from 9am - 6pm and will host free workshops on all days at 12.30pm.


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