THERE'S 74 years between them, but Betty Burns and Jaime Holzberger get along like a house on fire.

Mrs Burns, 88, and Jaime, 14, were one of the senior-student duos involved in the 2014 Our Priceless Past project.

Year 9 Chanel College students were paired with a senior in Gladstone, asked to record their story and write an account of their life in an article.

The official opening of the Priceless Past exhibition was held at the Gladstone Art Gallery and Museum yesterday, bringing the students and seniors together for an afternoon tea.

Jaime said she enjoyed the experience in learning about Mrs Burns' eventful life.

"I liked learning that she was involved in the world wars," she said. "She's got a happy personality, she likes to have a laugh."

Jaime admitted she had never interviewed anyone but Mrs Burns was delighted with her new friend's performance.

"She's a lovely little girl," she said. "Jaime is very courteous and respectful."

Mrs Burns bought her three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren along to the opening.

"I wasn't going to do it to start with but my son said 'do it mum, it's history and nobody will know otherwise'," she said.

Around 80 people including guest speakers filled the room at the museum to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the initiative.

Ergon Energy corporate communications manager Bob Pleash said it was one of the highlights of the year in Gladstone.

"It gets younger people in touch with the older generation and it reinvigorates a thing called conversation," he said.

The exhibition is open until November 1.

You can pick up a copy of the Our Priceless Past special booklet featuring students' stories in Wednesday's Observer.

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