“Pretty harmless” father of nine jailed for meth crimes

A SOUTH Burnett man who pleaded guilty to possessing methamphetamines has walked free from court but his co-accused was not so lucky after it was revealed he committed the same offence while on a suspended sentence.

Career criminals William Dennis Clark, 32, and David Kenneth Welling, 43, both pleaded guilty on Wednesday in the Brisbane District Court to possessing 8.9 grams of meth after a police raid in August last year.

Crown Prosecutor Sandra Cupina told the court Clark had 24 previous court appearances for drug-related crimes and Welling had seven previous court appearances for drug related offences.

She said most of their offending occurred in and around the Kingaroy and Nanango regions.

"Police raided Clark's home where they located the drugs in a tub in a back room," she said.

"He told police it belonged to Welling.

"Welling was arrested and he claimed ownership of the drugs."

Clark's defence barrister David James said his client moved to Nanango nine years ago with his partner.

He said the father of three turned to drugs after an industrial accident.

"He is a diesel fitter by trade and runs his own sub-contracting business," he said.

"He severely damaged his leg in a crushing incident in 2010 at the Tarong Power Station. "This is when he first turned to drugs."

Welling's defence barrister Malcolm Harrison said it was clear his client struggled with drugs and conceded he would be going to prison because he committed these offences while on a suspended sentence.

He said the father of nine did odd jobs across the region and was a "pretty harmless" sort of guy.

Judge Kieran Dorney said both men had admitted to their involvement in the offence to authorities and agreed there was not a commercial aspect to their offending.

He sentenced Clark to 18 months behind bars but ordered he be released on immediate parole.

Judge Dorney sentenced Welling to 18 months behind bar but activated his suspended sentence for a period of six months.

He ordered Welling be released on parole on March 3, 2015.

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