Premier's brief Mackay stop labelled as FIFO by candidates

LABOR candidates in central Queensland have labelled premier Campbell Newman a FIFO politician after his brief Saturday drop-in at a Pagent workshop.

The candidates standing for Whitsunday Bronwyn Taha, Jimmy Pearce for Mirani, and Julieanne Gilbert standing for Mackay, slammed Mr Newman, saying he "just doesn't care" for the people and gave none of his time to get out and talk to residents.

 "He is flippant and just doesn't care. He takes people here for granted and has put no thought or care into this community. Yet he thinks people will vote for the LNP even though he has shown no commitment," Ms  Gilbert said.

"He should ensure there is a (government) business plan for the Mackay, Whitsunday and Mirani region. Mackay is more than just streets, it's people."

The three candidates got together in Mackay this morning, saying the premier had been embarrassed into coming to Mackay .

Ms Gilbert and Ms Taha likened Mr Newman's visit to that of fly-in, fly-out miners.

"It was a trip for nothing. He didn't commit to anything and he didn't announce anything," Ms Taha said.

The candidates also took exception to Mr Newman's claim that the only way to 100% ensure coal mining jobs in the Galilee Basin was to vote for the LNP.

Mr Pearce said the Bowen Basin Service Link (Walkerston Bypass) was one of the most important infrastructure upgrades that needed to be done and it was disappointing the government had not set funds aside.

He said it was outrageous for the premier to suggest such a project would only happen with an LNP government.

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