CALLIOPE can abandon all hopes for a high school for the next five years at least, with Premier Campbell Newman quashing the hopes of parents and school children in the region.

But Boyne Valley communities have welcomed $1.3 million to construct a bypass for the flood-prone Gladstone-Monto Rd.

Mr Newman said there were other regions more in need of schools than Calliope or Gladstone.

"It would be wrong for me to suggest, that even if we were to retain the land, we will build a school anytime within the next five years," Mr Newman said.

"There will not be a school there in the next half decade, no way. End of story."

On Sunday, parents pushing the Calliope school agenda met with Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek as part of the community cabinet deputations.

Calliope school campaign spokeswoman Lynda Ninness said she was disappointed with Mr Newman's comments.

"The fact the land has been taken away rules out the possibility of getting a high school later down the track," Ms Ninness said.

"But we were never fighting for a high school tomorrow, we were well aware of that."

Ms Ninness said the six members of her group had five minutes each to voice concerns with the minister, with the group spending 30 minutes in their meeting.

The Premier, with 15 ministers and the media circus in tow, spent the day travelling between public appearances and funding announcements.

Following community cabinet, Mr Newman announced the Gladstone-Monto Rd bypass, to be fully funded by the Royalty for Region's grant.

A further $71,300 was provided to install automatic flood warning systems in the Boyne Valley and Baffle Creek.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg welcomed funding from Queensland Gas Company and Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health for a $457,000 mobile health clinic in Gladstone.

The facility would target the needs of Gladstone's indigenous community.

Gladstone's pocket money:

  • $1,384,320 from Royalties to Regions.
  • $71,300 to install automatic flood systems for drivers in Boyne Valley and Baffle Creek.
  • $475,000 for an off-road caravan for indigenous health.

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