Practice is key to lob shot in golf

ONE of the hardest shots to get right would have to be the 'Lob or Flop Shot'.

Playing this shot confidently under pressure takes requires a high level of skill and imagination to picture how and where to land the ball to finish close to the hole.

Famous players such as Seve Ballesteros and Phil Mickelson have played memorable shots under pressure in major championships to get themselves out of trouble making their opponents shake their heads in disbelief.

What makes these two guys even more special is they play the impossible shot when all the odds are against them.

Key tips

  • Use a Lob Wedge with 60 or more degrees of loft.
  • Hit a spot directly behind the ball.
  • Hit from a level lie on the ground or slightly up hill.
  • Using a full swing, yet controlling distance landing the ball on the correct spot
  • The type of lie should be soft allowing the wedge to get under the ball

Seve Ballesteros used a sand wedge bent to 59 degrees, Phil Mickelson uses a 62 degree lob wedge which not many companies make.

Both players' wedges did not have much bounce on the bottom of the club, what we call the 'Sole'.

The next question you would ask is "What is the bounce on the club?"

Bounce is the amount of bulge or roundness on the sole, this is what governs how much turf the player will take during the shot.

Playing the lob shot is similar to the bunker shot set-up; one of the best ways to learn how is to make it easier than harder at the start by practicing in the sand.

Draw a line in the sand so you can practice swinging the wedge to hit the line marked in the sand, accuracy is important hitting that spot.

Practice hitting from softer or longer grass to feel the club sliding underneath the ball

With an open stance practice swinging across the ball, what you would call a cutting or slicing action

For tighter and harder lie shots the wedge needs to have less bounce so the 'leading edge' is closer to the ground and makes the wedge to cut into the ground.

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