THERE wasn't much evidence left of Wednesday night's lucky escape after a runaway truck tore down Far St in West Gladstone, knocking out power to a section of town.

Only skid marks on the road, a damaged concrete pole and the mess of one resident's front garden remained.

Resident Darryl Thomson's house sits near the top of the steep road, where the broken down truck had been parked opposite on Wednesday afternoon.

"The truck broke down about five o'clock," Mr Thomson said.

"Apparently he was parking there to stay at the motel. And they all do it, all the trucks sort of come up and park there.

""We went out for tea, got back here at nine o'clock, half past nine heard the truck start up and thought, 'Oh that's good, they've got it going'.

"Next thing you hear is this god almighty noise, and I actually thought he might have lost his load."

Instead the truck was lost, with numerous power poles getting in the way before it came in a resident's front yard near the bottom of the street.

Sharon Macdonald's house is directly next to where the truck stopped, and was lucky to receive no damage.

"If he hadn't had hit the pole, I think it would have knocked out the end part of the house. My daughter was in the end part of the house," she said.

"We were worried he would have rolled right into the intersection there and caused a crash with oncoming traffic."

The scene was cleaned up by about 11am yesterday.

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EARLIER: A LARGE truck took out power in parts of Gladstone on Wednesday night after rolling down a hill and hitting power poles, before coming to rest in a resident's yard.

Gladstone police were called to the incident on Far St, West Gladstone, at 9.37pm.

Resident Sharon Macdonald, whose house was hit by the runaway truck, said the damage to her and her neighbours' houses was mainly to the fences.

"Luckily no real structural damage was incurred," she said.

"The driver was very shaken afterward. We were told a fault with the gears on the truck was the cause of the incident.

"The noise from the exploding power pole could be heard all the way over in Cook St near the hospital, so I am told."

Ms Macdonald said the incident had given her family quite a fright, "as seeing and hearing a truck coming towards you would I guess".

"We have always thought an incident would happen on the hill here as it is a great place for drivers to practice both speeding and fish tailing (especially in the rain)," she said.

"Speed bumps would be a great benefit if the council would only comply."

Ms Madconald said the clean up had taken a while after a crane driver had to travel from Rockhampton because there were none available in town.

She said it had taken 10 hours for the clean up to end.

Rigby Cres resident Gordon Low said the scene had been "pretty dramatic".

"I heard a screech and a crunch, and everything went out," he said.

"The power was back on around midnight though, which was pretty good. I thought it would be out all night."

Mr Low said the trucked had been parked in the area all day after breaking down.

He believed the truck had had electronic brakes.

"There were cones around the truck... the guys did the right thing," he said. "There was no-one in it."

Mr Low said the truck had hit a 3.3kv power pole before veering across the road and hitting another pole, before stopping in the yard.

Central Ergon Energy corporate communications manager Bob Pleash said the collision had caused damage to a high voltage pole.

He said that 1344 Gladstone West customers had been affected.

"All but 102 had power connected again by 11.38pm," he said.

Power was fully restored to remaining customers by yesterday morning.

No injuries were sustained in the incident.

Investigations are continuing.

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