Alana Andrews and Coralie Weir at the Currumbin Genisis gym.
Alana Andrews and Coralie Weir at the Currumbin Genisis gym. John Gass

Power lifting granny to record-winning heights

POWERLIFTING granny Coralie Weir is at it again, but this time she's set to dominate weights on Australian soil.

The power lifting world-record holder returned from the Las Vegas World Power Lifting Championships last year and has been training hard since.

This time she's off to the Australian Titles in Melbourne where she hopes to smash more records.

"Last competition I did 170kg dead lift which was massive," the 52kg woman said.

"But I don't know this time.

"We've been having big training sessions so we will see."

Her trainer, Frank Manning, said she's going very hard a competition being held this weekend.

"She is tackling something to my knowledge, something that has never been attempted before," he said.

"She is competing in three different events on the same day, the bench-only comp, the 3 lift-equipped comp, followed by the 3 lift-raw comp and if her training input is a guide, she will be there at the end of a very long day."

Weir said she wanted to win but the main aim was to make it through the strenuous day.

"I would like to get through the whole 12 hours," she said.

"It's going to be a very long day."

Normally Weir does not eat sugar but on competition day comes around she downs caffeine and sugar to help her.

"It makes me bounce off the walls," she said.

This weekend's competition will be the third time she's headed down south to prove her strength, but she won't be travelling alone.

Trainer Frank Manning is bringing along new recruit Alana Andrews.

"Alana is the new kid on the block, weighing in at a tiny 47kg,' he said.

"She's made her presence known by rising to an elite level within eight months of her starting power lifting."

Manning said Andrews was one of only three Aussies under the Global Power lifting Committee Banner.

"Remarkably, she is also a well-known ballerina," he said.

"Her progress in this sport has been unbelievable and I believe there will be 40+ competitors at her first nationals wondering where she's come from."

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