Man sitting with loaded gun when police raided

DESPITE having two tasers disguised as iPhones, a crop of cannabis and a pump-action shotgun, Nathan Barker is not a drug king pin, Gladstone Magistrate's Court heard on Tuesday.

Defence lawyer Brad Krebs said Barker was just "small fry" who grew cannabis for personal use to treat his depression and used his grandfather's shotgun to shoot targets at his 10-acre O'Connell property.

But when police raided that property on October 6, they found Barker sitting in the lounge room with the loaded firearm (with the safety off) concealed under a blanket less than one metre away, Police prosecutor Merrilyn Hoskins said.

When police searched the rest of the house they found the tasers hidden in the kitchen drawer, five clip-seal bags of cannabis in the bedroom and kitchen, four cones and smoking pipes and a bong in the bedroom.

Outside, police found six cannabis plants around 10cm tall on the patio.

Mr Krebs argued "the rifle was not for malicious" use and the court should not be confused that his client was a "drug king pin" despite what it looked like.

"The combination offences is quite serious," Magistrate Penelope Hay said.

"You can see the public concern that someone who suffers from depression has a rifle without the safety and tasers disguised as iPhones."

"This really is your last chance Mr Barker."

She sentenced Barker to eight months of probation with random urine testing and ordered he undergo psychological assessment.

Outside the court Barker did not want to talk about the drugs and weapon, but said he was pleased he didn't get sent to prison.

"Yes, I'm happy with the verdict," he said.

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