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GALLERY: Port Curtis Sailing Club pair get first and second

SAILING: In a quirky touch to Port Curtis Sailing Club's David Mann and Josh Young's respective first and second places at the recent Splatt Lawyers Impulse Nationals, the sailors used to coach each other.

It was Mann's first first place after four attempts while Young has achieved something special after a hiatus.

"I do remember growing up through the later stages of the junior classes with Josh and his dad still being heavily involved with the juniors coming through and taking us all under their wing," Mann recalled.

"There are lots of special memories like that from growing up and they are all special moments especially when those different people acknowledge the different achievements you have through life and on the water."

It was not until the final day of racing where the result boiled down to who would win - Mann or Young.

"It wasn't really until the finish of the first race of the day that I got comfortable with how everything was shaping up," Mann said.

In doing so, Mann beat seven-time Impulse winner Mick Brown, who finished third.

"Being the first Queenslander is a great accomplishment, but to also have been able to win it with a seven-time winner competing at the regatta is pretty special," Mann said.

"Mick has proven very difficult to beat and he has had a great run of success in the class and is still a strong competitor as he showed us all in the last race convincingly leading us around the course."

Young is now thankful how Mann has helped him out with valuable tips.

"He's the one who got me into the Impulses and I saw how well he was doing and I thought he'd be able to help me get up to speed pretty quick," Young said.

"He showed me a few tricks and he helped me along the way to get me to where I am."

Young is grateful for the support his employer has given him.

"A special thanks to my work colleagues Johny Doogan and Michael Banks at Gladstone Power Station for swapping shifts over the new year period," he said.

"If it wasn't for them, this regatta wouldn't be possible for me to attend due to work commitments."

Attention now turns to future events.

"For the Impulse, we have the Eastern State Championships on March 9-10, Queensland and New South Wales States later in the year and ending with the next Nationals at Altona in Melbourne over the 2019-20 new year period," Mann said.

Meanwhile there was more success for the PCSC in another event.

Peter Mann, who is David's brother, teamed up with Alexa Mann to finish fourth overall at the 125 Association National Championships.

Chris Mann and Luke Johnson (Brisbane) finished third overall while Peter topped off a great championships with first place in the masters category.

Next on the agenda is the 125 River Titles in March in Brisbane followed by the 125 State Titles in Maryborough over Easter.


Impulse National Championships

Roger Kennett 18th

Sheldon Haines 27th

Ray Hobbs 40th

Maria Mohrholz 41st

John Ibel 43rd

Scott Patrick 44th

David Cue 50th

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