Population boom has role in budget

A POPULATION boom expected for Gladstone Region has played a role in the new budget.

Gladstone Regional Council has allocated funds for a number of planning and regional studies projects in its 2010/11 budget.

Planning and Development portfolio spokesperson councillor Craig Butler said council had provided ongoing funding for the continued development of the Our Place Our Plan land-use planning scheme for the entire Gladstone Region.

As part of the scheme’s development, council has already commissioned several studies – a Rural Living Strategy; an Industrial Land Strategy; and, a Retail and Commercial Strategy, which were due for completion in November this year.

In addition, provision was made for a Housing Needs Assessment Study, which was due for completion in December this year; and the production of the draft planning scheme document by June next year.

“We’re also moving ahead with ensuring our Priority Infrastructure Plans (PIPs) are delivered in accordance with statutory requirements by December this year for the Miriam Vale area; and June next year for the Calliope and Gladstone areas,” he said.

“We want to assess just how much commercial and community use land may be needed for the future growth of the area before proceeding with discussions with the various stakeholders.”

Cr Butler said there would be a master plan undertaken for the realignment of the parking area and road access through the Seventeen Seventy Marina precinct, and evaluation of a Captain Cook Drive link at Agnes Water.


$300,000 for the continuation of the Our Place Our Plan planning scheme development.

$200,000 for Priority Infrastructure Program (PIPs) consultants.

$180,000 for the southern corridor linkage study.

$26,000 for the identification of a reservoir site at Agnes Water.

$130,000 to conduct sewer gauging to ensure models remains correct.

$35,000 for Environmental Impact Study assessment and policy work.

Ongoing development application tracking.

Continuation of council’s plumbing and building certification process.

Continuation of council’s statutory planning program, including the implementation of a HAF eDA project.

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