Poll: Is the LNP doing a good job for everyone?

THEY both say they have picked up a massive mess from their predecessors, and therefore they had to make some tough decisions.

But did they?

Are we happy with what LNP federal and state politicians have done so far?

Or have they gone just a bit too far, too fast, without a great deal of consideration for the consequences to people - real people who elected them into the positions they hold?

Those are the big questions we all need to ask - and the more we ask the better idea we have of what you think.

The feds have come unstuck with their budget and the shape of the Senate - that's got people's heckles hackles up.

The State Government's hell-bent on getting bikies off the streets, and that's got others' blood running hot.

And yet, when the previous administrations were in power, they were the real ogres because of their actions too.

Will we ever be satisfied with any government - no matter which side of the fence it jumps from?

We voters are a fickle lot - and when we're angry we are pretty good in putting the boot in - just like the voters did in the recent Stafford by-election.

Have your say, then grab a copy of Saturday's Observer for our special report on what people think about Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman.

Do you think the LNP governments are doing a good job?

This poll ended on 12 September 2014.

Current Results

At state level, yes. At federal level, no


At federal level, yes. At state level no


No, they're not doing a good job at any level


Yes, they're doing a good job at both levels


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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