Police warn young women to play it safe during night out

GLADSTONE Police are concerned about increasing numbers of young women advertising their vulnerability when out on the town.

A spike just before Christmas in women using social media to publicise the fact they were alone at a taxi rank with no way home has alarmed Gladstone Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable Ann Jessop, who said the practice had the potential for women to seriously compromise their personal safety.

"It's become a bit of a trend that we've seen happen elsewhere and it's very dangerous to do so," Snr Const Jessop said.

"Youth today have such a safety net around them that they can become a bit too complacent."

Without trying to alarm people, Snr Const Jessop said there were simple ways people, especially young women more vulnerable to sexual violence and assault, could avoid the possibility of finding themselves in dangerous situations.

"To reduce this vulnerability and avoid exposure to risk, loss of control and seriousness of consequences, women should devise a safety plan when out in the street, in the car or on public transport," she advised.

"Be aware of personal safety, have some money tucked to one side so you can get home and alert your friends to your movements. It's largely common sense."

She said while Gladstone Police used social media to keep on top of potential at-risk citizens, they were also receiving information from the public about young women who had found themselves in precarious situations on a night out.

"It is concerning, but our officers are tasked to be aware of those things and monitor those situations.'"

Safety tips

  • Plan your outings, noting the safest route, method of travel to destination and method of return
  • If driving to and from an outing, park your car in a well-lit area

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