Police warn residents after recent spate of home robberies

HOW secure is your home?

Warwick police are appealing to homeowners to ensure their property is secure after a number of recent break and enters.

A majority of offences have occurred in Rosenthal Heights, Warwick CBD, east and west of Warwick.

Crime prevention co-ordinator Wendy Tamblyn said intruders had been entering through unsecured doors and windows.

"The break-ins have occurred in the evening and early morning," Constable Tamblyn said.

"Items such as cash, electronics and car keys have been taken.

"Some offenders were entering occupied homes."

Constable Tamblyn said residents should get into the habit of ensuring all windows and doors were locked, even while they were home.

"People need to remember to keep items like phones, jewellery and wallets out of sight," she said.

"A number of cars have been broken into as well, so we are reminding people to always lock their cars and keep valuables out of them.

"Neighbours play a big part as well. We all need to be keeping an eye and an ear out for each other."

Police are urging residents to report an suspicious people persons or activity.

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