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'Police germs': Woman spits inside cop car on the way to hospital

A DRUG addict who threw a chair around a church group function was "completely shocked" to later hear about her behaviour, a court has heard.

Katrina Leanne Luhrs, 43, has been released from custody after pleading guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to a string of offences.

The court heard Luhrs's crimes, which were primarily public nuisance offences, were fuelled by drugs and alcohol at a time when she was experiencing a "psychotic episode".

Her lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield told the court Luhrs had been on a methadone program for about two years, but had "foolishly" stopped the program and started using drugs again.

Ms Ditchfield said Luhrs was now getting help again, since being arrested and remanded in custody 38 days ago.

She was arrested for public nuisance on January 31, after police found her yelling and swearing in a public Gladstone car park.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Luhrs was drinking alcohol from a mug and carrying a restricted drug.

She had failed to appear in court that day, and had been sentenced to probation the week prior.

Sgt Stevens said Luhrs had been charged on January 18 for yelling abuse at Gladstone Reef Hotel staff, and refusing to leave the venue.

He said on January 13, police found her drinking in a car park and throwing rocks at vehicles.

Sgt Stevens said police were called to Anzac Park on November 20, because she was yelling, swearing and pacing about.

He said she'd picked up a chair that was being used for a church group function and thrown it.

Sgt Stevens said police found her to be "dishevelled and irrational".

Witnesses told police Luhrs had driven to the park, so she was given a breath test.

She passed, and was taken to Gladstone Hospital for a drug test.

Sgt Stevens said Luhrs refused the test, and spat on the police car window several times on the way to the hospital, telling officers she didn't want to "breathe in police germs".

The most serious offence occurred on October 31, when Sgt Stevens said Luhrs bit her Bundaberg neighbour on the arm after an argument led to a scuffle.

When police arrived she was inside her unit, and had put holes in two walls and a window.

Ms Ditchfield said her client had no recollection of most of the incidents, and was completely shocked when first told about them.

Magistrate Melanie Ho sentenced Luhrs to two months in jail, suspended for 16 months, and 16 months probation with drug testing and psychiatric care.

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