David Stuart

Police bravery for fighting off wanted man awarded

HARDLY a day passes when we are not reminded of the tremendous job our police do.

Several police officers from Toowoomba and surrounding regions were yesterday recognised for their bravery in the line of duty.

They included Gatton Sergeant Tony Harm who was dragged through a fence and fought off a wanted man who was reaching for his police firearm.

As these police officers received awards, their colleagues were chasing a suspected gunman who had crashed his car in Toowoomba and run from them.

Police dealt with the situation in a calm yet assertive manner.

They had schools locked down within moments, cordoned off streets, and did their utmost to keep residents safe.

While they were simply performing their day-to-day duties, at the same time they were faced with a man suspected of being armed and desperate to remain free.

The way they dealt with this potentially dangerous situation and made public safety their priority highlights once again how grateful we should be for our dedicated police force.

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