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Qld police deal with about 180 domestic violence cases a day

TRUST your instincts and defeat domestic violence.

That's the message of a $102,000 campaign set to roll out across Queensland this month.

Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman wants Queenslanders to take action if they suspect someone is the victim of domestic violence.

At least 34 Australians are believed to have died as result of domestic attacks since the start of the year.

Australia Regional Media, publisher of this newspaper and 11 other dailies across Queensland and NSW, has just wrapped up a four-week campaign aimed at lowering family assaults.

Queensland police deal with about 180 domestic violence cases a day.

Ms Fentiman said the statistics were "shameful".

"Domestic and family violence takes many ugly forms, including verbal abuse, stalking, threats or controlling what a person can say or do. This sort of behaviour can also lead to physical abuse," Ms Fentiman said.

"We need to act now if we are to end domestic and family violence.

"I'm calling on Queenslanders to support this campaign, we must all work together to end domestic violence. This begins at home, in our streets, in our workplaces and schools.

"If you suspect that a friend, a colleague or a family member is suffering from this sort of violence, please trust your instinct and take action."

The Trust Your Instincts campaign ends on May 31 and will see 36 domestic violence groups run activities highlighting the problem throughout the coming four weeks.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Thursday gave her strongest indication yet that a specialised domestic violence magistrate's court would operate soon in Queensland.

In an exclusive interview with APN Newsdesk, the Premier confirmed money would likely be set aside in her first state budget to fund some of the 140 recommendations from the Not Now, Not Ever family violence taskforce report.

Ms Palaszczuk also confirmed she would like to see respectful relationship classes rolled out across the state's public schools.

The government has formed a committee to examine family violence prevention and committed about $49 million for support services.



# DV Connect Womensline on 1800 811 811 (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

# Mensline (9am to midnight, seven days a week) on 1800 600 636.

# In any emergency, phone police (000).

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