Police crack down on offenders urinating in street

GLADSTONE police are cracking down on public urination in CBD streets, with an operation at the weekend targeting public nuisances and public urinators.

Speaking on radio station 4CC on Wednesday, Sgt Wayne Butcher said 12 crews had been involved in an operation at the weekend. 

Eleven people were charged with public nuisance, and 10 with public urination.

"It's still disturbing that these things are happening," Sgt Butcher said.

"There were 10 people urinating in the street that were caught.

"Imagine that every Friday and Saturday night. You could probably double or triple that.

"They go against buildings along the main street. Kids walk that street the day afterwards. It's not a good thing.

"We're going to knuckle down on getting these fools who leave licensed premises and have to urinate on our streets while they're walking to another licensed premises and can't hold it."

People caught urinating in the street face a $133 on the spot fine.

Sgt Butcher said those caught didn't usually have any regrets.

"They try and weasel their way out of it. At the end of the day they're urinating in their own community," he said.

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