Police blitz nets ‘merry’ drivers

FIFTEEN people injured, more than 1500 speeding fines and 27 drink-drivers - it's been anything but a merry Christmas for Central Region police in the past four days.   Gladstone officers have been out in force and the statistics are starting to add up.   Since December 23, 15 people have been hurt in 11 car accidents, 27 people have been caught drink-driving from 8110 random breath tests and speed cameras and roadside radars have nabbed 1564 speedsters on central Queensland roads.   The daily tally to 12.01am yesterday saw police work 2514 hours to also catch 15 people not wearing their seatbelts, 34 drivers using mobile phones and 328 others busted breaking a range of road rules.   Superintendent Dale Pointon said regional and rural drivers needed to stick to the speed limits.   "There are still some problems with speeding," he said.   "At Christmas time speeding does increase the frequency of accidents and the seriousness of them, so please stick to your speed limits.   "Conversely if you're out on a country road and there's not many people around and you feel like a Sunday drive, it's probably still a good idea to stick close to the speed limit and not do 80kmh in a 100 zone.   "Or at least check your rear vision mirror occasionally so if there's people behind you, you can let them go past."   Superintendent Pointon urged regional and rural road users to wear seatbelts.   "Seatbelts still become an issue in parts of Queensland - particularly in rural areas where ... it's easy to jump into a 4WD vehicle and cruise on a road where you think you won't see another driver."   "It's critical that you wear your seatbelt as it's going to lessen the severity of any accident."   The statistics are part of Queensland Police's Christmas road safety campaign, Operation Crossroads, that kicked off on December 23 and ends on January 3.   The Central Region covers Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and Gympie.   


Central police region road safety campaign figures to 12.01am yesterday

  • Injury crashes, 11
  • People injured, 15
  • Random Breath Tests Performed (RBT), 8110
  • Drink Drivers, 27
  • Non speed camera detections, 679
  • Speed Camera Detections, 885
  • Seat belts, 1512
  • Mobile Phone Offences, 34
  • Other Offences, 328
  • Officer hours 2548

*The region comprises Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and Gympie

Source: Queensland Police

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