'Poisoning again': Conspiracy over Gladstone fluoride removal

LET ME just consider Ken Nicholson's letter "Big savings due with cessation of fluoride" in another light.

Ken claims various collaborations and conspiracies through the GAWB, State Government and the Gladstone Regional Council (GRC). Ken should know what QFCAP stands for and exactly what it does.

Under the law, once the decision is passed by council, then the supply is stopped and all costs for decommissioning is now a further burden on the GAWB. This in turn has to be passed on to ratepayers as part of the cost of water supply infrastructure.

Congratulations Ken, the savings the GRC has made in rates could well be negated by your own argument.

Ken claims, "a section of the council is seeking to keep the equipment in running order so that they can start the poisoning process again at any time".

Are you saying the same councillors who voted to remove fluoridation aren't following the process?

Alternately, are you accusing the mayor, CEO and GAWB of not abiding by the law?

If Ken's claims of GRC costs are correct, we'll no doubt see huge savings passed on to ratepayers.

As there was no specific element separating water supply charges and fluoridation charges then surely Ken will be writing to the auditor general for an explanation. Will you also be alerting the CCC?

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