PRIME Minister Tony Abbott was met by a small crowd at Gladstone Bowls Club during his flying visit to spruik the federal budget on Monday.

Reporter Helen Spelitis headed out to see what locals really thought:

Sarah-Jane Olsen, Gladstone Women's Health Centre program and funding coordinator:

SINCE last week when the PM's visit was announced, there had been a bet going around the Gladstone Women's Health Centre.

Sarah-Jane was determined to get a selfie with Mr Abbott, and the success has won her bragging rights.

The Canadian-born woman agreed the PM had a lack of understanding on issues Australian women were facing.

She felt this was displayed by his comments on the highly publicised paid parental leave scheme.

"What he labelled double dipping is normal in Canada. The majority of mothers work and we need to do the best job we can to support them."

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Plea to save girl from homework:

A SMALL crowd gathered for their chance to shake hands with the man in Australia's top job.

But one grade eight Gladstone girl stole the show - despite not being in the room.

Edgar Allen was invited by Ken O'Dowd to read a letter he had asked to be passed to the PM.

It had been penned by his granddaughter Hannah, who wanted to know if Mr Abbott could help her with a serious problem - homework.

"I wish we didn't have so much homework," Mr Allen read out.

Hannah was worried homework cut into her day, leaving less time for extra curricular activities.

"Could you help us about this?" the letter finished.

Mr Abbott made no promises, but said "it was terrific to spend some time in Gladstone with Ken O'Dowd and so many of the local community leaders".

Natasha fee, Gladstone Women's Health Centre manager:

NATASHA Fee didn't waste the opportunity to remind the PM regional Queensland's frontline services need more money.

The manager of Gladstone Women's Health Centre felt a bit star struck but wasn't afraid to put sexual assault in the spotlight.

"We need a sexual assault taskforce and now - when domestic violence is in the public space - is the right time to be talking about it," she said.

"We are always interested in what the Federal Government is doing and it seems like there is a lack of understanding about frontline services.

"He should come into the centre and see what actually goes on there. We want to work with the government towards a common goal that takes action on sexual assault."

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