Plenty of reasons why people live in Gladstone

THE opportunities, family, friends, community spirit and lifestyle have been cited as reasons why people live in Gladstone.

We asked our Facebook likers why they called Gladstone home, and received a lot of positive answers.

But there were some who were keen to leave when they could.

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Most said Gladstone was their home, and all their family and friends were here.

Others commented on the lifestyle and work opportunities.

Karlie Pens said she had moved to Gladstone one year ago for her fiancee's job.

"We are staying because we both see what's great about the region," she said.

"Particularly because the town we came from could only wish for the progress and opportunities here in Gladstone."

Linda Hward said she had been in Gladstone all her life and loved it.

"Beautiful people and great places to go fishing, and great schools," she said.

Leanne Buchholz said the community spirit was amazing, with most people having a friendly, giving nature.

Leigh Zimmerlie wrote: "Been here by choice for 36 years. Love the people, the weather and the fantastic city Gladstone is.

"Be surprised by what Gladstone offers. Where else would you be?"

Of those keen to go, some were students waiting to be old enough so they could leave, while others were waiting for their children to finish school.

But will they be sorry?

Mellissa Case says, "Whenever I leave I want to come back. And I am still here 22 years later.

"Love Gladstone, the people, the place and the opportunities."

Why do you live in Gladstone? Have your say in the comments section or on our Facebook page.


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