Grand slam golf day one to remember

TWO days ago I was in paradise. I woke up to the sounds of birds playing, the waves rolling and a few boats hitting the water for their day out fishing, plus the sunrise was just to die for.

I was in Seventeen-Seventy camping with the rest of the 4CC crew getting ready for the massive fundraiser that is the annual Grand Sand Slam Golf Classic Golf Day put on by the Captain Cook Lions Club 1770/Agnes Water.

You could not have ordered a better day to head out on the Larc with Neil and the crew.

Blue skies with not a cloud in the sky and an amazing breeze to cool things down as the golf started to heat up.

This year we were all dressed as pirates with some having the old parrot on the shoulder, some had peg legs, and even others like us had the patch and sword thing down to a tee.

Each year these great volunteers raise a lot of money putting on such an event on Eurimbula Beach and with more than 100 people this year it was a massive fundraiser helping so many locals in the area.

I can say that 4CC came first for the first time and was very lucky to also grab the trophy for the longest drive and best chip putt effort at hole number 10.

Our team hadn't done any practice before the event so to take out the prize was an amazing effort by all the team.

Before anyone says there's not a lot that happens up here in CQ, really need to get out more.

Over the next three months there is a huge amount of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Christmas is going to come around very quickly as you can tell by the amount of decorations in the shops at the moment.

I know this event at Seventeen-Seventy and Agnes Water has been going for many years so I just wanted to say how much of a pleasure it was to be a part of it yet again.

We'll be back again next year bigger and better than ever and ready to defend our title.

My golf clubs are ready for 2015 guys.

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