Plea for Federal Government support for axed CQ miners

QUEENSLAND Labor Senator Chris Ketter called on the Federal Government to support Cook Colliery miners battling to receive their entitlements after the mines owner, Caledon Coal, was placed in liquidation this week.

Cook Colliery miners who lost their jobs because of the company's collapse can claim their lost entitlements under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee scheme.

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Speaking in Gladstone yesterday Mr Ketter said workers needed support within the FEG scheme.

"The workers have been left in the dark," he said.

Administrator PPB Advisory confirmed this afternoon creditors voted that all five companies in the Caledon Coal Group (Caledon Coal Pty Ltd, CC Pty Ltd, Guangdong Rising (Australia) Pty Ltd, Blackwater Coal Pty Ltd and Bowen Basin Pastoral Company) would be wound up.

It owes employees $22 million and WICET more than $24 million.

"Employees will receive a distribution from available funds which is estimated to provide approximately 52cents/dollar return as outlined in our report to creditors, however employees are entitled to claim for the shortfall under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee scheme," a PPB Advisory spokesperson said.

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"We intend to start the formal dividend process this week (which is only possible once a company is in liquidation) and is expected to result in some funds being paid during August."

Administrator PPB Advisory also said any financial return to Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, of which Caledon Coal was a part-owner, would depend on the outcome of an ongoing sale campaign.

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