Drivers urged to take care and ensure Fatality Free Friday

A DAY without road deaths - is it possible?

Gladstone council and police hope it's achievable and that's why they're banding together to make May 30 a fatality free Friday.

Fatality Free Friday is a nationwide effort to see zero fatalities recorded for a single 24-hour period.

Gladstone mayor Gail Sellers publicly endorsed the initiative.

After beginning in 2007, the campaign this year already has had almost 60,000 people pledge their support, and Cr Sellers called on the Gladstone community to embrace the campaign.

"I am calling on everyone to pledge their support to Fatality Free Friday," Cr Sellers said.

"Any fatality on our roads is a tragedy, and that is why it is important motorists drive to the conditions and regulations and ensure they do the right thing."

Officer in charge of Calliope Road Policing Unit, Senior Sergeant Chris Lette said responsibility ultimately rested with individual drivers when it comes to reducing road tolls.

"The main thing about Fatality Free Friday is that it puts the onus back on every driver out there," Snr Sgt Lette said.

"We always work in partnership with our local agencies and try to really drum it in to people, driving is something you can't take lightly."

Cr Sellers urged local motorists to take note of the Fatal Five and to pay due respect to the road safety message, not just on individual days, but every time they were behind the wheel.

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