DESPITE the absence of competition cricket at the weekend, Yaralla's players were in action picking up bat and ball to have some fun.

Holding a double wicket event, only the second time in the past four years the ground has not been inundated with water and unavailable for play, the day for the players was as much about having a few drinks with mates as it was playing good cricket.

"We try to do this every year," president Andrew Bianchi said. "We get the boys together and raise some money for the club."

With reduced boundaries and drinks in hand on the field, runs flowed freely each pair having four overs or two wickets to notch up the highest score possible.

Having a dig and trying new things, Adam Bond even launched a reverse slog sweep for six runs.

"Just score as many runs as you can," Bianchi said. "This has been running on and off for over 15 years."

While the sentiment of the day is to relax with mates and not worry too much about serious game play, the competitiveness shines through when finals begin.

With much of the club involved, each pair does want to show they are the best.

"We have everyone in our club involved," Bianchi said. "When the contenders start getting close to the final the beers slow down."


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