THE news of CQFC Energy's demise has not stopped players from the club planning a positive outcome.

Hit hard by the licence being revoked by Football Queensland (FQ), the Rockhampton players are ready to approach chief executive Geoff Foster about continuing in the National Premier League.

"We are staying positive, we want to keep playing," Energy player Jordan Miller said.

The players were understandably gutted by the news of the Energy losing the licence as of Tuesday and met on Wednesday to discuss the next step.

Another meeting was planned with coach Ray Wood last night, called by captain Tolu Kayode.

Coming out of the first meeting, Miller said the team was hit hard and he was disappointed about possibly missing the opportunity to push further with his football.

"It's just so disappointing being part of all this when I was hoping to have a good season in the NPL and push my name forward," Miller said.

"I don't know what to do yet. I'm going to have a bit of a think about it over the next week or so."

Making a decision will be difficult, but Miller and his teammates have one last card in their deck to play, a call for help to FQ.

Keeping level-headed on an emotional rollercoaster, Miller has his dad to lean on for support, and for flexibility.

Miller works as an apprentice locksmith for his father, Andrew, who has a positive outlook for the situation even despite the confronting news.

"We have lost in terms of the Energy, but that does not mean the players and the team has to be lost, it would be a tragedy to do so," Andrew said.

For Andrew, the biggest note of concern was the fact not just Rockhampton is losing the side, but the stretch of Queensland which is set to be unrepresented.

"It is an embarrassment for FQ to have to have a bye, and not have a team between Townsville and the Sunshine Coast," he said.

"And CQ doesn't have a team yet we have a Malaysian team in the NPL."

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Welcome to The Observer's new-look website

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