FEEL like a change? Start a business.

That is the approach taken by Justin Brown, who after a decade working as a qualified fitter has made a perfectly logical switch - he is starting a Pizza Hut Franchise.

"I had been trying to progress my career and I got to the point where I was sick of trying really hard and not getting anywhere," Mr Brown said.

"I really wanted to be my own boss and my missus had a fair bit of experience in retail."

He acknowledges it is a giant leap of faith, but he and his wife, Melissa Kalbitz, believe they have done all their homework.

And the Pizza Hut brand was a good starting point.

"When we started looking for a franchise, we wanted something that was pretty well known," he said.

"Pizza Hut is really popular, so we think it will go well."

They are not flying blind.

The franchise now has enough staff in place for the opening and they, along with the first-time owners, have been spending time in what might be called pizza school - the Pizza Hut training program.

Mr Brown said they had received solid support from Pizza Hut, which would have two experienced staff at the new franchise for its first two weeks.

"It's definitely going to be a steep learning curve," he said.

The new Pizza Hut Franchise will be under Dicey's Irish Pub and will open on Tuesday, October 23.

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