Brett Pointon is dressed to impress at Elliott Heads.
Brett Pointon is dressed to impress at Elliott Heads. Contributed

PHOTOS: Why dressing up to take your bin out has gone global

IF YOU happen to see a Stormtrooper, dinosaur or princess taking out the bins you may be witnessing Bundaberg locals getting on board a new craze that started right here in the Wide Bay.

After joking about dressing up for bin day during self isolation, Danielle Askew from Hervey Bay started a Facebook page where people as far as Canada are sharing their outfits.

Now the popular Facebook page has more than 30,000 members with many posting their 'bin outfits' daily.

Sharon Jackson from Elliott Heads said she was laughing at the page and showed it to her husband, Brett Pointon, who had been staying at home as much as possible.

After sharing a laugh she managed to convince him to join in on the fun.

"I got a dress and hat and said, 'you know what if someone can get a laugh in these uncertain times what's the big deal'," Ms Jackson said.

"And he said, 'if you put it like that I will do it'."

Ms Jackson said Brett was sure to give a big wave to a truckie who had a good laugh and shared it to the page.

Ms Askew said she never expected the page to gain so much traction but loved how people were smiling and being kind.

"People need a reason to laugh, dress up and to socialise in some form," she said.

Ms Askew said some of her favourites were a bin dressed up as a Halloween costume and a person who dressed up in a horse's head and ended up running into the wall.

And while the craze is all a bit of zany fun, there's a very real mental health benefit as many in the region join the world in a time of fear and uncertainty.

Social worker from Community Lifestyle Support Sarah James said isolation can impact people's routines and disrupt supports they rely on.

For this reason she said it was important to balance your day's activities and still keep in touch with friends and family.

"Social media is great for keeping in touch and feel-good moments (dance videos, cute animals and comedy), but if your feed is full of doom, gloom and quite frankly hysteria this will not help your mental health," Ms James said.

If you want to have a laugh from your Facebook feed, and escape the doom and gloom,  search for the group Bin Isolation Outing. 

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