PHOTOS: Small crowds at election booths

ELECTION day prompted a mix bag of opinions from voters with some saying it should continue while many thought it should be postponed.

Scott Stanton-Cook's children go to Gladstone South State School and he said he had never seen the polling booths this quiet.

"It's a bit 'how's it going' with corona, I'm a bit sceptical," he said.

Mr Stanton-Cook and his wife Tina were disappointed the usual cake sale wasn't on.

Bruce Little also voted at Gladstone South and said that although the COVID-19 health emergency was "a bit scary", it was good elections went ahead to maintain a sense of normality.

Wayne Vebelfletzer said the election should have been postponed due to coronavirus.

Michael Currie agreed, saying there were ways around it.

Wendy and David McKay said voting was "very quick and very quiet".

"Hopefully the right people get in and keep our town good," Wendy said.