PHOTOS: Couple's battle as Gladstone man survives cancer four times

"I'VE had cancer four times you know," a 70-year-old man said with a smile, standing at the survivors' tent at Relay for Life.

It's something some may not be proud of, but Trevor O'Brien felt privileged to be at Relay for Life, raising money for a cure for the disease that has taken so much from his life.

Trevor and his wife Sunee have lived with the burden of cancer since 2000.

"I watched the 2000 Olympics at the Mater Hospital, at the time Sunee had thyroid cancer," Trevor said.

From 2002 to 2012, was diagnosed with melanoma three times, then prostate cancer.

Now Sunee is healthy and Trevor in remission, they are enjoying life again.

"We try to give back how ever we can," Trevor said.

"That's why we're here today," he said.

"Now in my spare time I go visit the elderly at the old folks' homes and I drive them around and take them out to coffee.

"I spend a fair bit of time with (Mayor) Matt Burnett's great grandfather actually.

"He likes going out for coffee and cakes."

For years Trevor and Sunee have taken part at Relay for Life. Trevor took part with St John Ambulance before he retired, and now enters his own team.

He said it was inspiring to watch former cancer sufferers gather for the cause.

"Some people go through hell with this disease," he said.

"Really this just makes you appreciate life more and for me it's made me want to give back.

"I think the toughest part of it all was just trying not to feel sorry for myself.

"I thought 'there's always someone worse off', I think I'm really lucky to be alive."

This year 72 teams walked, jogged and ran for 18 hours in what is one of the Cancer Council's biggest fundraisers.

They turned the Chanel College oval into a sea of purple shirts, with superheroes and cancer survivors donning capes.

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